Broker Of The Year

It is with great pleasure to announce that Christopher Coniglio, Sr. VP of the Breckles Group of Companies, has been awarded the Dale Rempel Award of Excellence also known as Broker Of The Year.  It is Chris’s dedication to clients and staff along with his love of teaching new (and seasoned) brokers that makes him stand out.  He is a highly regarded and valued Partner at Breckles.  Congratulations Chris!  We are all very proud of your achievement.

This award of excellence was established by the Insurance Brokers Association of Canada (IBAC) in 2014.   It’s in honour of the late Dale Rempel who served as IBAC President from 2011 to 2012.  One recipient is nominated each year to recognize the individual for making a significant difference in the professional development of insurance brokers.

2020 is a great year for us to receive and promote such a prestigious award.  Celebrating the role of an Insurance Broker during this time of uncertainty, reminds us that trusted partnerships and education will help guide us through the toughest of times. Together as a broker community, we are proud of the value we deliver to Canadians for their business and personal needs.  As Insurance Brokers, dealing with our own personal circumstances this year, we have risen to the challenge to serve our customers.  This was a great year to demonstrate that our value as an insurance broker is irreplaceable.  The problem solving, tough conversations and endless amounts of paper work ultimately helps us come up with the best financial solution for our customers.  It takes time and it’s hard work – It’s all about helping people.

Photo (left to right): Partners of the Breckles Group of Companies, Christopher Coniglio, Sr. VP and Ben Malik, President.

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