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Transportation Insurance

At Highcourt Breckles we are able to provide trucking insurance for enterprises of all sizes, and we will ensure that all parts of your operation is protected.

We can also cover short haul trucking operations and shipping to the United States.

Unlike many brokers, we understand that managing and mitigating risk is important in your industry and not all trucking operations are the same. That is why we are dedicated to finding the best rate and coverage, tailored to your business.

Types of Transportation businesses:

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  • Cargo Insurance

    Goods in transit is fraught with peril and making a claim could be a long process if you don’t have the right insurance. Whether it's comprehensive goods in transit coverage or marine cargo policy, we understand an expedited claim process and a fair reimbursement process is critical. How we handle your claim protects your goods and your relationship with your customers.

  • Preferred Repair Program

    Our partner companies use pre-qualified truck repair shop vendors to help expedite the claim process. Our process is designed to help save you time and money by getting your trucks back on the road in no time.

  • Risk Services Consulting

    We partner with our customer to make sure their freight shaking business is a safe business for everyone on and off the road. We have the team and expertise to reduce accident severity and frequency, mitigate cargo losses, and driver benefits program.

  • Digital Certificates of Insurance

    My HBG online is designed for your business to speed up crossing the Canada-U.S. border. Your company will have 24/7 online access to policy filings and certificates.

  • Cross Border Services

    We offer you solutions to extend your insurance coverage into the United States. This also includes our ability to refer US legal services, endorsed by leading U.S. trucking associations for minor violations in the US.

Have us contact you about your Transportation business.

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