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Farm Insurance

When it comes to your agri-business, your insurance needs will require a Highcourt Breckles broker to look at your diverse needs.

Whatever size agricultural operation you may have, we have a broker and insurance solution for you.  As a value add you can count on Breckles to include risk management services to identify hazards in your business and mitigate accidents.

Insurance Protection for Farming:

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  • Farm Structures

    We have the right coverage to protect your buildings and we understand how critical they are to your agribusiness. Our coverage helps pay for the accidental loss to barns, machine sheds, and granaries from a variety of perils such as fires and some natural disasters.

  • On-site Dwellings

    Living on the same property that you work on is unique to your business and requires unique insurance. We have the right insurance package for your building, any attached structures, or rental properties.

  • Utility Interruption

    How much income or stock could you lose over a few hours of a lack of incoming electricity to your major equipment? We can help you understand under what circumstances we can provide coverage for your loss of income.

  • Fire Department Charges

    A fire on your property will likely require significant services from a fire department and a major expense. We’ll help you build a plan to cover this possible expense and a strategy to manage the special limits that’s usually associated to this coverage.

  • Livestock

    We have an extensive list of livestock coverage and we work with you to build a custom plan. Each business has a variety of needs to consider when groups of animals are involved. We’ll work with you to build into a comprehensive policy additional coverage for your livestock.

Have us contact you about your Farming business.

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