Commercial Insurance

Retail Service Insurance

The retail world exposes you to various unexpected risks.  After all, you are dealing with the public everyday and who knows what could happen.

We use our experience to review your exposure to risk like inventory theft, equipment breakdown or other unexpected events.

Types of Retail businesses:

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Business - Level 1
  • Employee Dishonesty

    This will protect your business against employee theft of property, money, or securities, using recommended policy limits by a Highcourt Breckles broker. Consulting on this coverage is one of the key items we help with on all retailer policies.

  • Commercial Auto Insurance

    Vehicles used for the purpose of your business will need a commercial auto coverage. There are different ways to insure your vehicles and we'll work with you to build the best solution based on the use of each vehicle. We have the right insurance coverage for an entire fleet of delivery trucks or single utility vehicles.

  • Inventory

    It’s table stakes make sure your financial interest protected with a good insurance policy and that’s just what we’ll do. In addition, our insurance services will help you understand what options you have when replacing your inventory and goods after a break-in, fire or any insurable loss.

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