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Hospitality Insurance

In the fast-paced hospitality industry, it’s difficult to guarantee a day without problems.  Partner with Highcourt Breckles and we’ll be there for when you need us most.

We’re your partner when it comes to the confidence you need to deliver a safe and great experience for your customers.

Types of Hospitality businesses:

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Business - Level 1
  • Business Premises Liability

    Your business has a responsibility to make sure people are safe when they enter your property. People getting injured means unexpected claims made against you like long term medical bills, lost wages, and more.

  • Host Liquor Liability

    A scary threat to your business is when a court deems you’re in someway involved in a drunk driving accident because of you the alcohol you supplied to the person who caused the accident. This could be a long court process and could be financially damaging to your business. Highcourt Breckles partners with you to provide insurance and risk mitigation measures for your business.

  • Employee Dishonesty

    This is protection for financial loss caused by fraudulent acts by an employee or group of employees. The financial loss is typically property or money but could also protect your business against more sophisticated damage against you like credit card fraud, forgery, counterfeit fraud and more.

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Business - Level 2