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Your professional service reputation is critical for driving revenue.  We understand credibility is paramount and we have the right insurance coverage for your unique business, to help you prepare for the worst and keep your business moving.

At Highcourt Breckles, we will take the time to understand your business and design an insurance strategy that’s right for your growth ambitions and budget.

Types of Creative Services:

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  • Business Equipment

    What you do in your business likely requires current tech like laptops, cameras, phones, and accessories. Without these items your creative services is not effective. In many cases your adding new equipment to remain competitive. But what about an insurance solution to protect the engines of your business? Partnering with a Highcourt Breckles broker will help you find a solution for your equipment and busy lifestyle.

  • Employee Dishonesty

    This is protection for financial loss caused by fraudulent acts by an employee or group of employees. The financial loss is typically property or money but could also protect your business against more sophisticated damage against you like credit card fraud, forgery, counterfeit fraud and more.

  • Professional Liability

    Customers count on your expertise to provide advice or service to help them. If for some reason your expertise is not helpful, you could find your self in court defending your service or advice. And if its too late, you might find out this type of type of claim is typically excluded from your general liability policy. Understand the fine print with a Highcourt Breckles broker – we know what it takes to protect your livelihood.

  • Offsite Equipment

    Your business equipment is typically covered by a standard contents insurance. But did you know there are limitations for equipment stored offsite? Understand the fine print with a Highcourt Breckles insurance broker. We'll help build the right solution for your business.

Have us contact you about your Creative Service business.

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