Commercial Insurance

Manufacturing Insurance

Whether your manufacturing is small or complex, there is one thing in common – Your customers depend on your business to produce products on time.

Our insurance manufacturing insurance products are designed to cover the critical components that keep your business going.  Rest assured, in the event of an accident, business interruption will be mitigated with Highcourt Breckles as your insurance partner.

Types of Manufacturing businesses:

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  • Warehouse Liability

    Accidents happen. This is coverage if your customers products are damages due to your business failing to exercise reasonable care in the handling and storage their property.

  • Inventory

    It’s table stakes make sure your financial interest protected with a good insurance policy and that’s just what we’ll do. In addition, our insurance services will help you understand what options you have when replacing your inventory and goods after a break-in, fire or any insurable loss.

  • Commercial Vehicles

    Fleet Insurance is designed for businesses with multiple vehicles to manage the cost associated to multiple policies for each vehicle. Having all vehicles on one policy with one renewal date and common coverage, makes managing your insurance easier and cost effective.

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