Commercial Insurance

Wholesale Insurance

Wholesale insurance requires unique coverage and requires a risk mitigation partner, like Highcourt Breckles, to deal with the complexity of your services and facilities for the distribution of products.

Choose Highcourt Breckles to be your partner in keeping the supply chain moving.

Types of Wholesale businesses:

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  • Cargo Insurance

    Goods in transit is fraught with peril and making a claim could be a long process if you don’t have the right insurance. Whether is comprehensive goods in transit coverage or marine cargo policy, we understand an expedited claim process and a fair reimbursement process is critical. How we handle your claim protects your goods and your relationship with your customers.

  • Transportation

    Highcourt Breckles insurance can build protection for your transportation needs. We will take the time to understand your business and build a custom transportation insurance solution for your wholesale business.

  • Commercial Fleets

    Fleet Insurance is designed for businesses with multiple vehicles to manage the cost associated to multiple policies for each vehicle. Having all vehicles on one policy with one renewal date and common coverage, makes managing your insurance easier and cost effective.

  • Inventory

    It’s table stakes make sure your financial interest protected with a good insurance policy and that’s just what we’ll do. In addition, our insurance services will help you understand what options you have when replacing your inventory and goods after a break-in, fire or any insurable loss.

  • Buildings and Contents

    You might own the building or lease space, in either case you are responsible for the building and contents inside. Damage or loss to your building and contents can be protected with a Highcourt Breckles insurance solution.

Have us contact you about your Wholesale business.

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