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Building an insurance master plan for your contracted work is easy to do with Highcourt Breckles.

Whether you’re a general contractor, sub-contractor, tradesperson, or in construction, Highcourt Breckles will be the best level of protection while on the job.   Worrying about your materials, equipment and employees is our job, so you can focus on your job.

Types of Construction businesses:

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  • Pollution Insurance

    During the process of building or demolition, you will run into many situations where you could possible cause environmental damage. This type of damage could be sudden, like the spill of fuel, or gradual over time like mould. In either case, the clean up process is often long and specialized resulting in an expense that could put your business at risk.

  • Coverage for Tools

    Each contractor will require a different strategy when it comes to tool coverage. Due to tools being a unique mix of high value and specialized items, insurance policies will require you to build a separate insurance solution to protect this critical part of your business. Working with Highcourt Breckles will provide you with the right insurance to make sure your business interruption is minimized if you need to make a claim.

  • Course of Construction

    End of day wrap up on a worksite your team sweeps floor debris into clean pile. Unknown to you, the mix of debris contains material that could spontaneously combust like an oily rag or sawdust. After leaving the worksite and the clean pile of debris, the summer heat causes a sudden increase in temperature triggering the debris to smolder leading to a fire. Our policy will make sure to cover the cost to fix or rebuild if such an event were to happen.

  • Builders Risk

    Typical building insurance will often not respond if damage to property is caused while under construction. Using our builders risk solution, we can uncover the gaps of the current building insurance, if any, and design an insurance solution for your project.

  • Wrap-up Liability Insurance

    This could be a premium and time savings strategy when there are multiple contractors involved in a single project. More importantly, this will help manage the exposure and insurance expense to multiple contractors by setting a uniform insurance policy for everyone.

  • Commercial Fleets

    Fleet Insurance is designed for businesses with multiple vehicles to manage the cost associated to multiple policies for each vehicle. Having all vehicles on one policy with one renewal date and common coverage, makes managing your insurance easier and cost effective.

  • Equipment and Machinery

    We can protect you against costly repair of and lets you keep working while minimizing negative impacts on business in the event critical equipment is damaged as a result of an insured peril.

  • Professional Liability

    Customers count on your expertise to provide advice or service to help them. If for some reason your expertise is not helpful, you could find your self in court defending your service or advice. And if its too late, you might find out that this type of claim is typically excluded from your general liability policy. Understand the fine print with a Highcourt Breckles broker – we know what it takes to protect your livelihood.

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