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Realty Insurance

Allow us to manage your insurance needs so that you can focus on your buildings and property management.

We’re great at putting together a unique plan to prepare you from lawsuits, accidents and more.

Types of Realty businesses:

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  • Building Coverage

    There are a lot of things to consider when insuring your buildings. A priority item is to make sure your building is rebuilt or repaired at true replacement cost or using a guaranteed replacement cost coverage. Your investment requires the best coverage so that damage to your property does not hit your profits.

  • Loss of Rental Income Coverage

    Damage to your rental property could mean tenants will have to leave while the property is being fixed. This will create lost revenue especially if there is major damages requiring an extended time period for repair or rebuilding. We take a partnership approach to understanding your revenue and how to best protect it.

  • Newly Acquired Property

    Insurance coverage is often a second thought when purchasing or acquiring new property. This could be the purchase of additional appliances or new furniture. As a Highcourt Breckles customer, we’ll help you understand how this works and what’s required for the longer term coverage.

Have us contact you about your Realty business.

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