What do brokers do?

Why choose an independent broker?

In Canada, it is highly recommended to have insurance coverage and in some cases mandatory.  There are several ways you are able to buy insurance.  One of many options is to use an agent who sells multiple products under one insurance provider.  Another option, you can buy direct from an insurance company which is similar to an agent but with limited insurance products.  Your best option with most choice is to use an insurance broker. Using a broker will provide many insurance products using many different insurance companies.  As a broker, we represent over 30 insurance carriers.  We are an insurance brokerage that is independent of any company.  We directly represent our clients and work solely for them.  We are not employed by any insurance company.  This is what separates a broker from any other purchase option.  We provide independent advice, offer fair pricing and we are always on your side.  In the event of a claim, we represent your best interest.  A broker will always help you in a claims settlement.  Furthermore, insurance brokers will custom design an insurance policy that solely meets your needs.  It’s simply what we do best.

The role of a broker

  • We evaluate your needs and get quotes from multiple companies we represent. At Breckles we represent a substantial number of insurance companies that provide a variety of coverage options.  We work hard to make sure you are happy and feel secure with your insurance policy.
  • Being a brokerage that has contracts with over 30 companies, we often compare many different quotes, and we recommend the one that best suits your needs.  We do so independently, unbiased and give you the best options, as well as an expert recommendation of how to best proceed.
  • We search for opportunities to reduce your premiums, provide administrative follow ups with your insurer and make sure everything is communicated to you in a way that is clear to understand.
  • Lastly, we make sure your claims are fairly handled and we consistently strive to positively influence your claim experience

So now that you understand what we do, why should you choose Breckles?

  • Online:  We put the customer first when it comes to service.  If you need after hours support or a mobile app to stay connected with us, we offer an online service called MyBreckles. You can use it by logging in on our website or downloading our app through Google Play or Apple Play. This service lets you make claims through the app, access your policy documents, obtain a pink slip or put you in contact with your broker in the event you require any help.
  • Service:  We offer outstanding customer service and hold our staff to the highest standards. In the event you need anything you always have the option of contacting your broker directly or calling our office and speaking to one of our highly trained R.I.B.O. registered customer service brokers.
  • Experience:  All of our brokers provide excellent assessments that will custom suit your needs. We do not standardize our analysis; we get to know you so we can offer you the premium service we have been doing best for over 69 years.
  • Knowledge:  All of our qualified professionals understand the current trends and are consistently educated about the newest deals. Our customer service and associate brokers never miss a beat when it comes to getting you the best possible options.  We use our many contracts to get you the top option that we find.  Here at Breckles, we believe our clients deserve the best possible service.
  • Trust:  In our exclusive free 1 on 1 consultation’s, we sit down and walk you through every detail. We are always happy and available to answer any questions you may encounter.
  • Savings: Our firm does highly extensive research on marketplace conditions and pricing. Our professionals are consistently on the ball when it comes to getting you our best possible pricing.

It is our job to advocate for your needs, and this is something we consistently excel at.

Your insurance needs and the Breckles value!

  • One on one consultation.
  • Competent insurance professionals who are reliable and transparent. They are also constantly being educated on current market trends and changing economic conditions.
  • Your needs backed by brokers with a strong reputation.
  • Rely on top quality exposure identification.
  • Ongoing customer service.
  • Promptly respond to your needs.
  • Deal with Breckles online, in person or by phone – service on your terms!
  • We understand claims and how to make sure you’re treated fairly.


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