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Traveling With Your Pet

Car safety tips when traveling with your Pet

  • Check the regulations. If you live in Ontario, there may be different laws depending on where you are travelling that require you to have your pet in a carrier.  Example:
    • In Ontario, pursuant to the highway traffic act, section 111(2) – All pets must be secured by way of a crate, and the crate must be secured as well. No animal should be loose in the cabin or the back box of a pickup truck.
    • In Ontario, pursuant to the highway traffic act section 130 – Having an animal on the lap of a driver puts the operator of the vehicle, the occupants and other drivers at risk of injury. Animals should be in the back seat secured by way of crate or seatbelt harness.
  • Test it out before a long drive. If your pet is not experienced travelling in a car, take a couple of short trips first before hitting that 4 hour drive to the cottage. Maybe take him/her for a walk in a nearby park or test drive over to a family member or friend’s house.
  • Pets can get sick on the road. Motion sickness affects them too.  If your pet happens to get sick on the road, check with your vet about remedies.
  • Make sure your pet does not stick their head out of the window.  Cute! but not safe.
  • Never, ever leave your pet alone in the car. It takes a very short time for your car to get to an extremely uncomfortable temperature, and letting your pet bask in a hot car is dangerous to its health.
  • Keep your smaller pets contained in a cage. The last thing you need is your furry companion jumping and flying all over the back seat.
  • If your pet tries to move around, look into getting a pet friendly harness or seatbelt. There are many different safety devices that help keep your pet staying put for the ride.
  • Look into health insurance for pets. This is designed to cover things like expensive vet bills, medications, tests and much more.  It’s another way to keep your pet safe and sound.

Pet Insurance

Veterinary care due to your pet getting sick or an accident can get expensive. This type of expense is difficult to budget for and in some cases difficult to manage when it’s unexpected. Plan for the best, prepare for the worst, with our pet insurance protection. Connect with our pet insurance partner Petsecure to discuss basic inexpensive coverage to care for your petReference HIGHCOURT BRECKLES as your broker. Consider coverage for accidents, illness, exam fees, dental, alternative therapy, surgeries, medication and preventive care.

Did You Know – National Take Your Dog To Work Day was June 21

let’s look at the significance of what this day was all about, and why it was founded.

  • Take Your Dog To Work Day started in 1996 by Pet Sitters International.
  • On this day we reflect on the changing relationship between dogs and humans.
  • Archaeological evidence tells us that the relationship between dogs and humans dates back to prehistoric times – a time when dogs were primarily used for hunting, family protection, or herding.  The thousands of years of relationship building between dogs and humans has likely played a role in today’s unique trusting bond between the two species.
  • This relationship has changed in our modern world and now dogs are left to sit at home while humankind goes about its daily business.
  • Take Your Dog To Work Day is about celebrating the wonderful relationship we have with our dogs.
  • Pet Sitters International decided that there were too many instances of poor dogs being left at home while people went to work.  So they designated an annual Take Your Dog To Work Day.
  • The organization suggests that if your work does not have a Take Your Dog To Work Day, you should get one organized! Talk to your employer to spearhead the idea of bringing doggies to work.
  • It is estimated over 5000 companies participate in this day.
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