Spring Drive Safe Tips!

Finally spring is here! The days are getting longer and we are actually able to see the sunrise and sunset depending on where you live in the city.  We all look forward to those first weekends when we can remove the rubber mats, shake off all of the road salt and give our car a good wash.

Here is a Spring Checklist for your car and insurance:

Remove window haze

The interior of our cars emit many particles from plastics, vinyl and seating materials. During winter, the elements tend to stick to the interior windows due to moisture and build up over the winter months. This ends up hazing the windows and can be very dangerous if the sun reflects off it on certain angles. In some cases, it could suddenly obstruct your entire vision while driving. Take advantage of the warm weather and clean all the windows with a streak free cleaner.

Break out the vacuum

Vacuum the salt, dirt, sand and evidence of fast food (we are all guilty). It’s amazing to see how many rolled up bags from Tim Hortons can fit under a car seat! And equally amazing is reconnecting with that favorite item you didn’t know you lost. Your favorite lip balm, lotion or sanitizer. In some favourable cases, you’ll find a secret slush fund of loose change. What we are really trying to say – turn this dirty task into a fun-filled adventure.

Safety first

Take the time to organize the car compartments, check the first aid kit, ensure that there is an emergency roadside kit in the car. We recommend adding an emergency supply of food such as granola or energy bars.

Car insurance savings

Three easy items to prevent car insurance rate increases: 1) Double check to make sure you have your current car insurance “pink slips”. 2) Clean your license plates. 3) Test all of your head lights and tail lights. Not keeping these items in proper order could result in a traffic ticket, which cause your premiums to go up. Save money on insurance by avoiding these types of silly tickets. Perhaps this is also a good time to call us to review your insurance.  Changes to your lifestyle could mean you need more insurance or less insurance.


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