Members Only Insurance

Perks for your employees and members

Having the right Group Home & Auto Insurance program can save your team or people hundreds of dollars each year.  You can count on our partnership approach to help compliment your perks program.  Being flexible and transparent is key to our success in helping thousands of organizations across Canada. For over 30 years, we continue to take pride in our VIP approach when it comes to helping people with their insurance needs.

Discount Program Advantages

For your business:
• Minimal administrative duties and costs
• Brokerage model to manage insurance companies
• No cost to your organization
• Enrolment is voluntary
• Access to broker insurance products (life and business insurance)

For your employees and members:
• Exclusive insurance marketplace offering preferred rates
• Speak to a non-commissioned sales broker to explore insurance needs
• Expert and unbiased broker advice to help protect against insurance fine print
• Industry leading claims handling (24 hours, 7 days a week)
• No fee monthly payment options
• Free insurance review and loss prevention education
• Premium protection against claims and tickets (optional)
• Insurance app and online policy documents

Help your employees and members. Enroll your organization today!

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