Unifor Local 4457 | $5K Winner

Unifor Local 4457 | Another $5K Winner

Congratulations to Harjot, a hard working DHL driver and proud member of Local 4457. Thanks to the Economical Insurance 5K Giveaway contest, this lucky member now has an extra $5,000.  When asked what he will use it for, he said it will be used to help pay off his student loan. Great choice Harjot!

This “giveaway” was made possible by simply getting a home\auto insurance quote. In under a few minutes, the Unifor Group Insurance Program was able to discuss the benefits of Economical Insurance and provide quote options. Harjot took advantage of the member benefit and also found himself in the Economical Insurance 5K Giveaway winner’s circle. This is a no strings attached contest for all members of Unifor. No purchase is required. This uplifting contest will help keep insurance protection top of mind, and remind Unifor members that they have a group program they can go to for trusted advice and rate comparison. The group program service centre is located in Waterloo, ON and proudly staffed by members of Local 1106.

For Unifor members!  What would you do with $5,000   Enter today for your chance to win!

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