Farm Insurance: loss prevention for safe growth


Here are some loss prevention tips from our friends at Intact Insurance.

• Inspect and repair concrete stave silos before filling.
• Be sure to inspect the roofs on all buildings. Repair or replace any damaged shingles or metal roofing. Fix any screws or protruding nails, patch holes and make sure there are no leaks.
• Replace or repair any damage to exterior cladding to prevent water damage and deter rodents from entering the building.
• Inspect and maintain all machinery and equipment before the start of each new season. Lubricate, make any necessary adjustments and replace worn parts. Consider replacing belt-drive systems with safer gear-drive motors.
• Install and clean gutters and drains to ensure rain is directed away from foundations, doors and windows.
• If you have lightning rods on buildings, be sure to have a professional inspect them to ensure they are installed correctly. If they are improperly installed, rods often create a hazard instead of providing protection.
• Maintain weed and shrub growth around all buildings as these can attract pests which can damage the structure’s foundation and help a fire spread.
• Inspect and repair any cracks in foundations and window caulking.
• Inspect electrical panels in livestock buildings on hot days. Power demand is much greater when ventilation systems are working at full capacity. This will help detect any possible overheating of circuit breakers and contacts.

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