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Fall leaf cleanup

We chose the neighbourhood we live in because it is a mature area with unique homes,  some larger lots, some heritage homes and very mature trees.   Many of the streets in the subdivisions have trees lined along the boulevards and during the summer and fall months they almost look as if they are touching.  You get the feeling that you are walking or driving in a forested tunnel.

My wife and I enjoy gardening but like many couples who have children, we don’t have a lot of down time in the evenings or on weekends.  Maintaining the lawn and the many trees we have which includes two large maple trees can be a lot of work.

Fall is spectacular ….. the leaves are beautiful shades of yellow, orange and red.  I must say they don’t look so beautiful when they are all over the streets, wet, soggy and very slippery. This can make walking and driving just as challenging as driving in snow.

The street we live on has a lot of foot traffic as the sidewalk is only on our side.  All of our neighbours have mature large maple trees so there is a tremendous amount of leaves which line the sidewalk and the street.

We realize how very important it is to remove the leaves from the sewers on a regular basis during October and November before the snow falls and settles. We regularly remove leaves, garbage and debris from the sewer which are close to our home and we do so throughout the winter months.

Here are a few tips to make fall leaf clean up easier:

  • Rake the leaves and run your lawn mower over them which will help to feed the lawn (make sure the leaves are dry)
  • Invest in a small leaf blower to reduce the amount of raking required (especially if you are an older person with limited mobility)
  • Purchase an ergonomic rake with a bent handle which is easier on your back
  • Hire a student in your neighbourhood to rake the leaves for you.  We love to support our local students!!


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