Cyber Insurance Protection

COVID-19 Evolving Cyber Risks

Keeping your business safe from evolving cyber risks during COVID-19.

COVID-19 changed our digital work environment back in mid-March.  Overnight many of us were forced to become remote workers – creating vulnerability due to the urgency to become remote without the understanding of cyber threat prevention.  Today, cybersecurity incidents are on the rise and many remote workers are still not prepared with cyber best practices and insurance.  With more employees now working remotely and likely to continue, hackers are busy planning their next attack.  Small to medium sized businesses are often an easy target due to the lack of cyber protection and education.  Your business can deter hackers with simple protective measures in place.

Risk Management Resources
To help protect your business from today’s evolving cyber threats, our friends at Northbridge Insurance provided the following risk management resources for us to share with you:

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