Car Survival Kit

Some items you want to include in your car in case of an emergency:
• Jumper Cables
• Flares or triangle reflectors
• Backup supply of motor oil
• First aid kit
• Flashlight
• Blanket or heat holding material
• Tool kit with screwdrivers or pocket knife
• Paper towels
• Duct Tape
• Granola or energy bars and an emergency supply of food

Keep these items together in a kit and they will help you in an unfortunate roadside situation. Usually a plastic container is easy to acquire, and fits these items nicely. You can try to store this kit somewhere out of the way; consider your spare tire compartment if it’s located in the trunk.

Preparing your survival kit is a good time to double check you have your vehicle ownership and insurance liability slip in your car.  Consider using the My HBG app for digital pink slips.  It’s an easy and innocent mistake to forget about these important documents.  However, if caught without these documents in your car you could be faced with unnecessary expenses such as; a driving violation (ticket) and possible surcharge to your insurance policy.

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