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At Highcourt Breckles, we will take the time to understand your business and design an insurance strategy that’s right for you as a paralegal.  Having the proper coverage to protect your company is the key to being a successful business owner.  We’ve designed a package specifically for paralegal offices, big or small.

Insurance Coverage For Paralegals:

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  • Errors & Omission

    You’re held to high standards of duty and care making you, or an employee, responsible should your client claim a financial loss against you for saying something incorrect or failing to say something that you should have.

  • Professional Liability

    Customers count on your expertise to provide advice or service to help them. If for some reason your expertise is not helpful, you could find your self in court defending your service or advice. In certain cases, you might find out this type of type of claim is typically excluded from your general liability policy. Understand the fine print with a Highcourt Breckles broker – we know what it takes to protect your livelihood.

  • Cyber Coverage

    Covers your business liability for a data breach involving sensitive customer information.

  • Group Rates

    Certain conditions apply in order to be eligible for group rates.  If not met, we will provide you with our next most competitive rate.

Have us contact you about your paralegal insurance needs.

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